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Drone Powered Precision Agriculture


TERRAAGRA is a digital agriculture platform that enables farmers and agriculture to obtain and use agronomic data. It helps to monitor crops remotely by integrating data from remote sensing technology and IoT sensors towards yield increment. TERRAAGRA brings values by transforming farmers to be more profitable and sustainable.


PadiCares is Deep Tech Innovation for Rice Management in Malaysia. Developed using the TerraAgra Engine,  PadiCares offers:

  • A dynamic digital platform that simplifies complexity of rice production ecosystem by integrating drone, AI, IoT and smart technologies.
  • POCs Project implementation across 65 hectares of paddy fields, with plans to expand to 2000 hectares in the initial phase.

Paddy Dynamic Decision Support System (DDSS)



Farm Management

IoT Integration

Crop Health Management

Soil Management

Pest Detection Management

Weather Tracking & Forecasting

Use Case

Type Services

Tree Counting

Plant Health Analysis

Digital Terrain Modelling


Data-driven precise estimation of land value, fertiliser usage projection, and crop yield estimation.

Identify crop variability using drone and plant health algorithm. Measure plant health, identify crop stress, and rapidly eliminate threats to increase crop yield and reduce loss.

Improve farm development using accurate topography map and digital lang modelling (DTM/DSM/DEM) for optimise plantation zone and proper irrigation system.

Return Of Investment

Increase crop yield and quality resulting from data-driven decisions.

Cost savings from reduced agricultural inputs.

Improve operational efficiency and their impact on returns.

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