Smart Energy: Empowering Tomorrow's Energy with Smart Solutions

Aeronerve's Smart Renewable Energy solutions harness the power of innovation to drive the transition to cleaner energy sources. From intelligent data management to optimizing renewable installations, we're leading the charge toward a sustainable energy future. Join us in creating a greener, smarter world.

Building a Safer, Greener & More Productive

Smart Energy solutions focusing on renewable energy which provide an integrated sensor platform in along the energy supply chain from upstream to downstream that allows operators to leverage sensors, smart gateways and monitoring system to collect information and analyse real-time data in order to make intelligence decision

The solutions are aimed :-

Solution Deployment Architecture

Front-End Collecting Switches Pooling & Data Integration Edge Data Computing Visualisation Platform
Satellite Imaging
Local Server & Networking
Integration, Analytic &  Visualization Platform
Drone/UAV Mapping
Cloud Data Storage Server
Management Platform
Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)
Switch Pooling
GIS Server
Third Party Platform
Ground & Underground Spatial Mapping
Cloud Data Integration Pooling
Intelligence Engine
CCTV Camera
Image Recognition
Ground Monitoring IoT sensor

Empowering Sustainability: Our Smart Energy Solution Cycle

Experience the evolution of clean energy with Aeronerve's Smart Renewable Energy Solution Cycle. From initial assessment to ongoing optimization, we guide you through every stage of your renewable journey. Harness data-driven insights, maximize resource efficiency, and seamlessly integrate sustainable solutions. Join us in shaping a brighter, greener future through our comprehensive Smart Energy Solution Cycle.

Empowering Energy Transition

Harness the power of real-time data insights to optimize your renewable energy assets. From solar panel performance to wind turbine efficiency, our advanced solutions empower you to make informed decisions and drive sustainable energy transformation.

Seamless Integration

Unify your renewable energy data streams for a comprehensive view of your operations. From solar to hydropower plant, our integrated solutions provide a holistic understanding of your energy ecosystem

Illuminating Insight

Harness the potential of your energy data for informed decision-making. From consumption patterns to performance optimization, our analytics-driven solutions provide actionable intelligence for maximizing efficiency

Visualizing Energy Excellence

Experience your energy insights in a dynamic and interactive format. From production trends to consumption patterns, our visualization solutions provide clarity and understanding

Energizing Action through Data

Convert renewable energy insights into impactful actions. From load balancing to peak demand prediction, our solutions facilitate precise interventions for optimal outcomes.


Proactive Maintenance & Reduce Downtime Your investment in smart technology not only extends asset lifespan but also minimizes disruptions and revenue loss


Risk Management and Sustainability Our technology provides real-time data to assess potential issues and ensure adherence to environmental standards. Your investment leads to minimized legal and financial risks.


Innovation and Competitive Edge Stay ahead of the curve, gain a competitive edge, and set new standards for efficiency and sustainability. Your investment propels your organization into a future of progress and excellence

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