Shaping the Future of Mining through Smart Solutions

Aeronerve's Smart Mining solutions redefine the mining industry by integrating intelligence into every operation. Experience safer, more efficient mining processes, from automated machinery to real-time analytics. Unearth a new era of profitability and sustainability with our advanced mining solutions.

Increased Productivity, Safety and Efficiency

Smart Mining solutions focusing on responsible and sustainable mining which provide an integrated sensor platform in along the mining phase from pre-exploration until closure & reclamation that allows operators to leverage sensors, smart gateways and monitoring system to collect information and analyze real-time data in order to make intelligence decision.

The solutions are aimed :-

Solution Deployment Architecture

Front-End Collecting Switches Pooling & Data Integration Edge Data Computing Visualisation Platform

  Satellite Imaging

Local Server & Networking
Integration, Analytic &  Visualization Platform
Drone/UAV Mapping
Cloud Data Storage Server
Asset Management Module
Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)
Switch Pooling
GIS Server
Fleet Management Module
Ground & Underground Spatial Mapping
Cloud Data Integration Pooling
Intelligence Engine
Project Scheduling Module
Solar Offgrid CCTV Camera
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Resource Management Software/Platform
GPS Tracker
Third Party Platform
Slope Movement IoT Sens

Unveiling Excellence: Our Smart Mining Solution Cycle

Step into the future of mining with Aeronerve's Smart Mining Solution Cycle. From exploration to operation, we guide you through every phase of your mining venture. Utilize data-driven insights, optimize operations, and enhance safety protocols with our cutting-edge technology. Join us in revolutionizing the mining industry through our comprehensive Smart Mining Solution Cycle.

Elevating Mining through Data Acquisition Excellence

Unearth the power of real-time data insights to optimize your mining operations. From equipment performance to safety monitoring, our solutions provide a comprehensive view of your mining landscape.

Seamless Integration

We bridging the gap between disparate data sources. Experience a unified view of your mining operations, from geological surveys to equipment telemetry. Our integrated solutions provide comprehensive insights for informed decision-making

Illuminating Insight

Harness the potential of your mining data for strategic decision-making. From predictive maintenance to resource optimization, our analytics-driven solutions provide valuable insights that drive efficiency and productivity.

Visualizing Mining Excellence

Aeronerve brings your mining data to life with our Data Visualization technology. Experience a dynamic representation of your mining operations through interactive visuals. From production trends to safety assessments, our visualization solutions provide clear insights that enhance decision-making.

Driving Mining Progress through Data-Driven Action

Aeronerve empowers proactive mining management with our Data-Driven Action technology. Convert valuable mining insights into impactful actions. From equipment maintenance to safety enhancements, our solutions enable precise interventions that optimize outcomes.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency


Predictive Maintenance and Reduced Downtime


Optimized Resource Allocation

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