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March 1, 2020by admin0

DJI engineers have managed to find a simple solution to a problem involving its DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual drone. Cotton swabs have allowed the accuracy of the thermal imaging cameras to improve, allowing for the detection of those with coronavirus.

DJI drones are being used in China to check for coronavirus among the population as many have access to the drones, specifically the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise edition.

The engineers at DJI realized this and knew the drone could give inaccurate readings of up to four to five degrees celsius. The engineers went to work on the problem and came up with a simple solution three days later.

DJI’s engineers found that attaching the cotton swab to the gimbal within view of the camera lowered the margin of error to just 0.5 degrees celsius.

DJI told Abacus News that this was only an emergency solution and it is recommended that actual medical equipment is used. DJI is also looking into other ways its drones and cameras can be used in the fight against coronavirus, such as the recent $1.5 million pledge DJI made to fighting the coronavirus with its DJI Argas drones.

Drones have been present throughout the coronavirus outbreak, with various farmers using drones to spray disinfectant over their villages as well as police drones yelling at people spotted on the street to go back inside and wear masks.

Source: Drone DJ

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